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Les Santons de Charlevoix


Les Santons de Charlevoix are made in St-Joseph de la Rive . They form a Quebecker’s crib, combining the traditional characters, arriving in Italy in the 18th century, to figures and architectural components of Charlevoix. In their richly coloured costume, the Three Wise Men see the sleigh slide along on the snow.

Jesus is born in an old Charlevoix’s village, amongst small houses and barns with shingle cedar roof of St-Urbain or des Eboulements; the possession chapel and the mill are the ones from Ile-aux-Coudres. To the inspired figures by the occupations and the traditional professions adds a few personage linked to the history and the legend.

Each figurine is an original, individually made with the help of a mould. It is hand painted, with acrylic; that explains its very clear and velvet colour.  The average height of the standing figurines is about 9 cm. The colours car be different from the illustrations.

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